The Exeter Challenge

Exeter Men's Challenge

The Challenge: Can your team come out on top in a series of seventeen minute timed matches, it's intense, competitive and enjoyable. A complete cross section of teams take part each year. 

The 2018 Exeter Men's Challenge is on the 15th April 2018 and the Exeter Ladies Challenge is on the 29th April 2018.


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Results from the 2018 Exeter Ladies Challenge

1st: Plymouth Mayflower 2nd: South West U17 3rd: Plymouth Ladies


No. Club & Team Name... No. Club & Team Name...
1st Plymouth Mayflower  7th SW U15 Boys
2nd SW U17  8th Exeter Storm
3rd Plymouth Ladies  9th Cheddar Cats
4th Torexe Topcats 10th SW U15 Girls
5th Plymouth University 11th Torexe Acesardiff Jets
6th Bemi Brunel 12th  Bemi Cabot



Results from the 2018 Exeter Men's Challenge


1st: Kernow 2nd: Exeter Storm 3rd: Arrows


No. Club & Team Name... No. Club & Team Name...
1st Kernow  7th Plymouth Uni
2nd Exeter Storm  8th Plymouth Mayflower Pirates
3rd Arrows  9th Countrymen
4th SWVA U17 10th Bedminster
5th Poole Panthers 11th Swansea 360
6th Torexe 12th Plymouth Mayflower Tigers 


Tournament Notes

The competition format takes the form of either a tournament league or two round robin pools (depending on number of entries), then various Knock Out matches, each team will play seven timed matches. This tournament is limited to 12 teams and places will be allocated on a first come bases.

Look Out for more information, on the Exeter Men's Challenge, to be posted later on this web page. The Exeter Riverside L.C. has all the usual facilities, including a swimming pool and parking.

The center is located close to the Exeter Quay area and with easy access to the city center shops. The venue is 20 minutes from the Exeter M5 Junction 31.


Why not make a weekend of it

Exeter is a medium size City located in East Devon, so why not make a weekend of it. Their are plenty of B&B's and camp sites available in the South and East Devon area. Check out the tourist links at for more info on the area and links to various facilities within the area.

Traveling Time: It will take approximately 4 hours to drive from London, 3 hours from Birmingham and 2 hours from Cardiff or Poole to Exeter. +44 (0) 121 288 1704

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