In addition to the tournament rules (listed elsewhere on the site), by entering our event, you will be accepting the following terms and conditions on behalf of all your team members and your team management staff.


The venue currently does not allow food to be consumed within the sports hall, hence please leave the sports hall before consuming any food, thank you.

Photos & Video's etc

During the event, the organizers (and others) will be taking photos and video recording the event. These will be used for event PR and displayed on our various approved volleyball web sites and forwarded to the local press where appropriate. Some matches (e.g. the event final etc) will be videoed * and broadcast on line. 

Parts of the event venue (e.g. the gallery seating area) is open to the general public and hence we have no control over this area.

* All videos are recorded and shown with reference to the UK Video recording act.


Tournament Deposit

We all like to have an enjoyable and meaningful day of volleyball, however some teams / clubs have in the past either pulled out on the day (too late for the organizers to rearrange the match program), not turned up or leave the event before fulfilling their full match program and hence depriving others of their full match program. 

These teams now appear on our event black list and will be asked to pay an additional tournament deposit before we accept their entry in future events. The tournament deposit is a cheque, equal to the event entry fee, the tournament deposit will be returned to the team after the event.